Do you sell ... ?

The answer is probably yes!

In store we stock most types of jewellery from traditional to contemporary, fashion jewellery from under £10.00 to fine diamonds and gemstones costing many £1000s.

Our website can never show the vast variety of jewellery that we sell but will hopefully offer a picture of who we are and will inspire you to visit us in the showroom where you will receive a warm welcome.

Even if you think that you will never find what you are looking for we are usually able to source or make even the most obscure item.

Your enquiries are always welcome by telephone or e-mail, regardless of whether you are planning on spending £10.00 or £10,000 we work hard to find your perfect item.


Do you buy jewellery?

We are always looking for interesting items of jewellery, silverware and watches that will add to our second hand and antique selection.

We will look at any items with a view to making an offer, and we make generous offers for part exchange if you plan on buying something new.

Offers can usually be made whilst you wait, just call into the showroom any time.

We can advise you of your options.

Our advice is free and there is no obligation.


What's scrap jewellery?

Over a period of time we all gather up bit and pieces of old jewellery that we don’t wear any more, single earrings, broken chains etc.

We can buy your old jewellery!

Our customers are often surprised at how much they can get for a few old bits that haven’t been out of the box for years, particularly when looking to part exchange them against something new.

Providing that your jewellery is made out of precious metal it will have a value to us.

Call into the showroom anytime.


When are you open?


If you’d like to visit our showroom for a look around, to drop off or pick up repairs or you would just prefer not to have the formality of booking, there is no need to make an appointment.  You can just call in any time during our opening hours:

Our opening hours are:

Monday - Friday      10am - 6pm (late on Wednesday until 8pm)

Saturday                  9am - 5pm

Sunday                    Closed

We are generally closed on Bank Holidays.  We are generally closed on Bank Holidays.  See our Christmas Opening Hours page for more details on changes to our opening hours in December.


What quality diamond should I buy?

There is not a simple answer to this question as each person has a different view on what is most important.

Whilst one person may be looking for a ‘perfect stone’ another may prefer to buy a larger slightly marked or tinted diamond for the same price.

At PA Jewellery we do not dictate what quality of diamond is best but share our expertise to advise and guide you to the perfect stone to fit your budget and expectations.

For the best diamond buying experience why not contact us to arrange a diamond consultation.

Unless otherwise stated the prices on our website are for diamonds in the G-I colour range and with an SI (eye clean) or better clarity, however most items can be manufactured in any quality of diamond, just ask for a quote tailored to your specification.

PA Jewellery is committed to preventing the trade in unethically sourced diamonds. All of our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in compliance with the Kimberly process and United Nations resolution.


Are all of your diamonds certificated?

Whilst we stock a large number of certificated diamonds unless otherwise stated the diamonds featured on our website will be assessed by our own diamond graders. All of our diamond graders are highly trained and have qualified either the GEM-A (Gemmological association of Great Britain) Diamond Diploma or the HRD Diamond Diploma.

If you would prefer your diamond to be independently certificated it will be our pleasure to arrange this for you.

To find out more about diamonds our free diamond consultation is an enjoyable and hands on way to really appreciate the differences between qualities and to help you make an educated choice.


Can the jewellery on your website also be purchased in-store?

Of course!

The jewellery featured on our website is only a selection of the large number of pieces we have in our showroom.

Our diamond jewellery is offered in numerous diamond sizes, qualities and in various precious metals and will often be made to your specification, however we usually have an example of all of the styles in stock along with many more not featured on the website.

The delivery time quoted alongside each piece of jewellery is the maximum time required to make or order the piece, however if you need your item quickly we will pull out all of the stops to ensure it is delivered in time for you.

If you are making a long journey to see a particular item please contact us in advance and we will ensure that you do not have a wasted journey.

Our prices are the same regardless of whether you choose to buy online or in the showroom.

The cost of the materials used in the construction of our jewellery do vary according to market factors and exchange rates. Additionally the Recommended Retail Prices of certain pieces will change occasionally.

We endeavour to keep our prices up to date, however if you notice any item priced for less on our website than in the showroom let us know and you will be offered it at the lower price.


Can my order be sent quickly?


The despatch times quoted with each item featured on our website are the maximum length of time it will take to prepare your order. However there are usually ways of speeding up your order if we know when you would like it for.

If you can’t wait because you need a gift for a particular date, need a ring in time for your wedding or even if you are just impatient to wear your new jewellery let us know. We will pull out all the stops to ensure that you get your jewellery as soon as is physically possible.

I don't know what size to order?

Don’t worry, we can help!

If you are ordering a ring as a gift and do not know what size is needed we will supply one of our typical stock sizes, usually between sizes L and O.  If this does not fit we can then alter or exchange the ring for the correct size after the gift has been received.

If you are buying a ring for yourself and are local enough to let us measure your finger in the showroom this will always be the ideal option, however a local jewellers will usually be able to tell you your size if you can’t get to our showroom.

For further advice on getting the correct size call us on 0114 2669253.