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Valuations and Estimates


Insurance Valuations

All too often you will only think to find out when it is too late, following a burglary or loss and adding to the stress of an insurance claim.

Our valuation service gives you the security of knowing the correct value of your jewellery allowing you to make the correct decisions when arranging insurance and making the claims process as simple and stress free as possible should the worst happen.

All valuations are carried out on site by our own valuers and gemmologists using the latest valuation software.

Each item of jewellery is cleaned and any gemstones are tested and measured. Diamonds are tested and examined to detect any treatment, then are measured and graded according to international standards. If your jewellery is hallmarked the stamp is examined and any information that can be extracted, such as the date of manufacture and the fineness of the precious metal is recorded; otherwise precious metals are tested to establish their fineness. Your jewellery is examined to determine how it was manufactured and is fully described and photographed. The valuer then uses this information to establish a replacement value using a combination of international price lists and calling on their own wide experience. Finally all of this information is uploaded to an intrinsically secure database that, with you permission, can be accessed by your insurance company, meaning that you have no need to send sensitive information in the post.

Our fees for insurance valuation are;

£75.00 for the first item then £50.00 for each additional item on the same valuation.

Occasionally a piece of jewellery will require more in depth research or specialist gem testing that will incur an additional charge. We will always advise of any additional charges prior to starting the valuation.

To enquire how long your valuation will take please contact our sales team on 0114 2669253 or at gems@pajewellery.com 

Insurance Estimates

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to make an insurance claim for jewellery that has been lost or stolen and don’t have recent receipts or valuations you will usually require an estimate for insurance.

A good quality and thorough estimate will help your claim to run as smoothly as possible.

We have many years of experience in helping people claim the correct amount for their jewellery.

In our showroom you can see thousands of different items of jewellery that along with your descriptions will allow us to build a picture of the jewellery that has been lost and place the correct value on it.