Part exchange your old jewellery

We are always looking for interesting items of jewellery, silverware and watches that will add to our second hand and antique selection.
We will look at any items with a view to making an offer, and we make generous offers for part exchange if you plan on buying something new.
Over a period of time we all gather up bit and pieces of old jewellery that we don’t wear any more, single earrings, broken chains etc.

We can buy your old jewellery!

Our customers are often surprised at how much they can get for a few old bits that haven’t been out of the box for years, particularly when looking to part exchange them against something new.
Providing that your jewellery is made out of precious metal it will have a value to us.

We can advise you of your options.
Our advice is free and there is no obligation.
Offers can usually be made whilst you wait, just call into the showroom any time.