Specialised wedding ring appointments are now available to book.

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Repairs and Bespoke Jewellery


From a simple chain solder to a full restoration of a worn out ring our workshop tackles 1000s of repairs each year.

Our vast experience means that we are not fazed by even the most complicated repair and we can often help when others cannot.

As we have our own workshop on the premises estimates of cost and timescale can usually be worked out immediately.  Timescales for jobs to be completed vary depending on the complexity of the work.

Call in to the showroom any time for a chat and free estimate.

Bespoke Jewellery

Our on-site workshop team have a broad range of specialist skills and experience that can help to make your jewellery ideas a reality. Whether it is transforming an existing piece or creating a unique design that is personal to you, our bespoke jewellery service may provide just the answer.

One of our most frequent requests from customers is for bespoke handmade wedding rings designed to match existing engagement rings. The advantage of having a handmade ring is that the shape can be produced to sit beautifully next to the engagement ring, and we can also add gemstones or engraving to create a perfect match. Because our workshop is on-site, your engagement ring doesn’t need to be sent away for the ring to be made, and you are able to come in and try it on at various stages in the process to make sure you are 100% happy.  Having a bespoke ring can be the added finishing touch to make your big day extra special.

We are regularly asked to bring new life to customers’ existing pieces of jewellery. Sometimes these are family heirloom pieces that have become too worn to wear or need an update in style. You may have a jewellery box full of old or broken jewellery that could be transformed into something new. Whatever the reason, our workshop should be able to help; providing a new setting for a treasured diamond, crafting a wedding band from sentimental family gold or creating a stylish design to accommodate an assortment of diamonds or coloured gemstones.  As well as being sentimental, such pieces are also completely unique.  

Sometimes you may have an idea for a perfect piece of jewellery to represent a special occasion, hobby or pet, but cannot find the right piece ready-made. Perhaps there is a design you have in mind but cannot see pre-existing. Whatever the idea, we can usually help to bring it to life. Our talented designers can assist in converting your idea into a makeable jewellery item, and our jewellers can get to work on making it a reality. For some designs we may choose to have a CAD (computer-aided design) image produced rather than hand-making the piece, if this is more practical and cost-effective. Either way, your bespoke jewellery item will be as unique as you are, and the biggest limit is usually your imagination!

There is no need to make an appointment to talk to us about having a bespoke item produced. You can simply come in and talk to one of our experienced team in the showroom, and we will be able to get you started.