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  • Personalising your wedding rings

Personalising your wedding rings

Personalising your wedding rings

Your wedding rings are an important part of your big day and will remain with you throughout your marriage as a symbol of the love you share and the promises you have made to each other.  Increasingly couples wish to make their wedding rings extra special by adding personal touches and we have a variety of ways to help you make your rings as individual as your relationship.

We are regularly asked if we can make wedding bands out of customer’s gold.  The answer is yes!  Supplying metal for your rings can allow you to transfer the sentimental value of family heirlooms; many customers will use pieces of jewellery, perhaps even wedding rings, left to them by family members, giving the new rings a rich, unique and personal history.  Don’t worry if the gold you have is not all the same fineness, we can mix 9ct, 18ct and 22ct together.  The finished piece will assay at whatever fineness the metal reaches so such a mixture may receive a 9ct or 14ct hallmark.  As an extra local detail, the rings will be assayed at the Sheffield Assay Office and receive the Sheffield assay mark.  We can also work with your platinum or silver.  Our experienced goldsmiths will melt your jewellery into a single piece and work it into your chosen shape and profile by hand.  This process can be used to create a classic band or one specially shaped to sit next to an engagement ring if required.

Your handmade ring can be further personalised by adding a pattern or setting it with diamonds.  Whether it is a modern brushed finish, elaborate hand-engraved pattern or row of sparkling diamonds, there are a wide range of options available to allow your wedding ring to match an existing engagement ring or ensure it reflects your personality and style.  You may even be able to use stones from your original jewellery depending on the specifications of the design.  The images below demonstrate the possibilities where several inherited family wedding bands were melted together to produce four rings with a variety of patterned and engraved finishes.  The designs demonstrate a range of styles with diamond cutting, laser engraving and hand carving from left to right on the final photo.


Many customers also choose to finish their rings with a personalised message engraved inside the band.  This could be the date of your wedding, your initials or lyrics from your first dance song; the choice is yours.  You can choose from a selection of different font styles.

If you prefer to wear metals with a silver colour but want to use family gold, then our expert team of goldsmiths have some clever solutions.  Using a platinum, palladium or white gold band for the main body of the ring, we can inlay a narrow strip of your gold as a stylish finishing touch.  Alternatively, if you don’t want any gold on show we can use your metal as the core band with a solid white metal overlay.  When the ring is being worn the gold cannot be seen but if you take the ring off you can see the extra special core beneath.  This can be seen in the image below.

A new addition to our wedding ring selection is our new range of locally hand-crafted steel bands.  We have increasingly been asked for steel pieces in recent years and finally we are able to offer a range of fantastic bands.  Handmade locally, they can be ordered in a variety of widths, profiles and finishes in addition to those featured in our showroom and on our website.  Polished or brushed, flat or rounded and with bevelled edges or grooves, each band is finished with laser engraving: ‘Made in Sheffield’.  They are another great way to add a personal (and local!) detail to your wedding.   

Visit us and speak to our jewellers to discuss your requirements and find out how we can make your wedding rings with a personal touch.

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