• New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time again; the new year bringing with it a sense of renewal and a desire to start afresh.  It is also a great time to sort through your jewellery box and ensure you are getting the most out of the pieces you own.  As always, our team are here to help with the variety of questions you may have; from valuations to repairs and care advice to selling your unwanted pieces.  Before you start though, here are some of our top tips.


For pieces you love it is worth making sure you are properly insured and have an up-to-date valuation if necessary.  Check the single-item limit on your policy and make sure you specify any items that are worth more.  If you are not sure what your items are worth, then we can help you by working out a rough estimate.  If you have a valuation that has not been updated in the last five years then check if it needs updating; some insurance providers will ask you for a more recent valuation to make sure it is accurate, but even if they don’t it is worth checking for your own piece of mind.  More information about our valuation services is available here.

For items that don’t need to be specified on your insurance policy a valuation might not be required but it is important to have some proof of ownership and what the item looks like.  It is worth spending an afternoon photographing your jewellery and creating a file for any receipts or documentation you may have (including certificates, sales or repair receipts).  This should make it easier to process should you need to make a claim.

Repairs and alterations

You might rediscover rings you no longer wear because they don’t fit or chains that are broken.  Some of these pieces may be quite easily repairable.  Such repairs can often be relatively inexpensive too, so it is well worth enquiring so you can wear these well-loved pieces again.

Some jewellery, especially silver, can appear tarnished if unworn for long periods.  Liquid cleaners and cleaning cloths are products that can help you to keep pieces bright and shiny.  Our jewellers are able to advise on the best products to use for each piece and how to care for delicate items such as pearls or opals that cannot be placed in conventional cleaners.  If your jewellery needs a more thorough polish our workshop can help; ask us about services that are suitable for your items.

The new year is also a great time to have the jewellery you regularly wear checked to ensure that settings and clasps remain secure.  A pre-emptive repair can mean avoiding the expense and upset of losing a valuable gemstone or chain completely.  We can provide repair advice while you wait and when inspecting your jewellery, we can bring the sparkle back with a steam clean free of charge.



Sometimes the pieces hiding in your jewellery box are unable to be repaired or are a style you have fallen out of love with.  Often these items will still hold great sentimental value, so it may be worth considering whether the precious metals and stones you have could be remodelled into new jewellery that you can wear and enjoy.  You can combine metal from a number of items or bring together gemstones from different pieces to create a whole new look.  It is also becoming increasingly popular for couples who are getting married to use sentimental family gold to make their wedding bands extra special.

Remounting your diamonds into a more modern setting, creating a contemporary cluster design from assorted stones or making a stylish bangle from spare gold; all these things and more may be possible.  You can talk through your ideas and find out what your pieces could create with one of our jewellers.


If you’re hoping to slim down your jewellery collection or free up some cash for something else then selling your unwanted jewellery could be a good idea.  We are always on the lookout for great quality pre-owned pieces and even if your gold or silver jewellery is broken or too worn to resell then it will still have some value in the precious metal that can be recycled.  We can normally assess your pieces and let you know if we would make an offer while you wait or advise you on alternative ways of selling if they are not for us.     

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    Zoe Lewis

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  • 07 01, 2019

    Last year you did three brilliant remodelling pieces. You turned a chunky gold chain bracelet into three bangles for myself and my two daughters and a small gold heart for my granddaughter. We wear the bangles every day.

    I also brought in a chunky gold and diamond ring “Liberace “ ring that I did not wear and you made a plain band with diamonds in it.

    You also made a beautiful simple two diamond pendant from two spare diamonds. I love every piece that you have remodelled for me and they are now worn every day instead of being stuck in a jewellery box. Thank you – we never go to any other jeweller – keep on doing what you do!

    — Gillian Kress

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