• Green beryl beauty

Green beryl beauty

Green beryl beauty

This week Debs has handmade this incredible pendant using our customer's own green beryl stone.

The skill and precision that has gone into creating this piece is evident; we think it really shows off the stone perfectly.


The original ring and gold ready to begin.

The stone is now unset and the gold sheet has been transformed into the main body of the pendant and the setting for the beryl.

The beautiful open design has been hand pierced into the gold and the bail has been made.  The pendant is now ready for final assembly and the stone to be set.  After that, just a final polish is needed for the main part of the pendant to be complete.

Remounting into a new piece of jewellery can bring your gemstones a whole new lease of life.  Do you have a piece of jewellery that you are not wearing because you don't like the design or it is too worn to wear?  Come and visit us in our showroom where our experienced team of jewellers can help you transform your pieces into  a beautiful piece you can wear and love.


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