• Making things happen

Making things happen

Making things happen

On Tuesday we received a phone call from a lady looking for a pair of Citrine set cufflinks for a 17th wedding anniversary present for the end of the week (who knew 17 was the citrine anniversary)  

We haven't seen citrine set cufflinks before and we didn't have time to make something from scratch, but we hate to let anyone down. So after a few minutes of head scratching we had devised a plan. We found a pair of lovely heavy cufflinks in stock that were perfect for gem setting. One of our gemstone dealers helped us out by guaranteeing a perfect pair of citrines in the post that day, and our workshop made a timeslot in their already packed schedule to drill out the settings and set the gemstones.

The result is these lovely citrine set sterling silver cufflinks, realised by our workshop within 48 hours.

While we can’t always guarantee a two day turn around, we will always try our upmost to make the seemingly impossible happen. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website it is always worth visiting the showroom, calling us or sending an email with your enquiry. If we don’t have what you are looking for in our wider stock we can usually find it with our extensive network of suppliers or make it for you in our workshop.    

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