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  • Making the perfect ring

Making the perfect ring

Making the perfect ring

When Nick first approached us to make an engagement ring he knew exactly what he was looking for, a three stone design with a radiant cut diamond and two sapphires set in platinum; but he needed our help to make it a reality.

The first step was to locate the perfect diamond for the centre. Radiant cuts are one of the more unusual shapes so the choice available wasn’t as large as some shapes with a limited choice available in the UK. Fortunately we have accounts with some of the world’s largest diamond suppliers and we found the ideal diamond, importing it especially from the cutter in India.

Once the diamond had been approved we set about finding the sapphires. After a little trial and error with different shapes and sizes Nick decided that square radiant cuts would be perfect. Unfortunately the size and shape required seemingly didn’t exist, so employing a little ingenuity we purchased a pair of stunning princess cut Madagascan sapphires of the correct proportion and had them re-faceted to match the radiant cut diamond, creating the ideal set of gemstones!


Then it was over to our workshop manager Deborah to start making the ring.  We decided on a cast shank as it meant it could be made as a single piece but the settings had to be completely made by hand. Over a number of hours Deborah gradually built the setting from a few strips of wire into a stunning finished piece. At each stage the proportions were painstakingly considered and measured to create a perfect fit for the gemstones while ensuring the aesthetics were as per Nick's specification.


Now the setting was complete it was time to put the gemstones and the mount together. While we do some setting “in-house” we considered this to be a job for a specialist as one gemstone being just a fraction off would spoil the symmetry of the entire ring, so it was off to London and one of the finest setters in the land for a few days.

Once the ring had returned it was back to Deborah for the final finishing and refinement before being presented to a very happy customer!

The finished ring;

If this has inspired you why not visit our showroom to talk about commissioning your own individual piece of jewellery. If you already know exactly what you want then we can make it a reality; otherwise our designers and gemmologists can help with the design too. All help and advice is free of charge.

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