• Pearl: June's Birthstone

Pearl: June's Birthstone

Pearl: June's Birthstone

Treasured throughout history and associated with royalty, pearl is one of the most classical precious gemstones.   It is also the birthstone for June, so now is the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one.

Historically divers would bravely search for this natural treasure, but for more than a hundred years pearls have been cultured by man, allowing everyone to enjoy their unique beauty.  Although widely available and often very affordable, fine quality cultured pearls can still be an expensive gemstone: the pearl-growing process is begun with the help of man but it continues naturally and the quality of the end product is not guaranteed.  This means you can always be sure you are owning something precious when you choose a piece of pearl jewellery.  

Whether it is a timeless string of pearls or a modern design with sparkling diamonds, we have a wide variety of pearl jewellery available to view in our showroom, and our experienced gemmologists are on hand to guide you through the process of purchasing your perfect pearl.  

Due to the complexity of their lustre pearls are incredibly challenging to photograph, so only a tiny fraction of our stock is featured on our website.  You can view our pearl collection here: https://www.pajewellery.com/collections/pearls or come to see us in the showroom to view our full range.

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