• Choosing: Wedding Rings

Choosing: Wedding Rings

Choosing: Wedding Rings

When choosing a wedding ring the options can seem endless and selecting the one that is right for you can seem a daunting task but thinking about a few key factors before you start can help to narrow things down and make it easier to find ‘the one’.

What metal do I want?

If you are going to be wearing your wedding band next to an engagement ring it is advisable to have both made in the same metal so they should match well and wear at the same rate.  If your wedding band will be worn on its own then it may help to narrow down your preferred colour first: classic yellow gold, rose gold with its warm coppery hue or the silver colour seen in a variety of different metals.  If yellow or rose is your preference, then the final choice may be influenced by the subtle variations in colour between 9ct and 18ct gold or the difference in price between them.  If you opt for a silver colour, then there are several metals to choose from; you may find it helpful to read our blog on precious white metals to help find the most suitable one for you.  Several factors may influence your choice: the exact hue, level of durability, upkeep and price range.  If you can’t decide, then a two-colour or three-colour band could provide a versatile choice.

Metals such as titanium, tungsten and steel are also increasingly popular, especially for gents’ wedding bands.  Such materials can provide durable and low-cost alternatives to the traditional precious metals, but it is worth bearing in mind that they are not usually able to be resized in the future and cannot be removed by standard ring cutting equipment should the need arise.  For a piece of jewellery as sentimental as a wedding band this can be important.   

You may find it helpful to discuss the options with our jewellers who can offer expert advice and the chance to view and compare worn samples of various metals.

How will my wedding ring sit next to my engagement ring?

Brides increasingly want their wedding and engagement rings to nestle neatly together without any gaps.  Many modern engagement ring settings take this into consideration and are designed to accommodate a straight wedding band perfectly, but some classic styles and many clusters or twist designs need a shaped band for a neat look.  If this is the case, then don’t panic!  There are lots of options available, with a wide range of pre-existing shapes as well as the opportunity to have a bespoke band handmade to fit your ring.   You may need to try a few designs on to get an idea of what will work, but it is worth having a think about what your expectations are beforehand.

It may seem too soon to be thinking about it, but it is also worth considering whether you will want to wear an eternity ring with your wedding and engagement rings.  A diamond set wedding band and an eternity ring can be very similar, so it can make future decisions easier if you have an idea now what you will add later. 

What style of ring do I want?

It used to be that just about everyone had a plain yellow gold band but nowadays there is an astonishing array of designs to choose from: different textures and finishes transform the look of a plain band, patterns add eye-catching detail, and diamonds provide a splash of sparkle.  We have hundreds of sample rings in our showroom that you can try so it is advisable to ensure you have plenty of time when you come to have a look.    

It is worth considering what expectations you have of your wedding ring.  For many people, it is the most important and sentimental piece of jewellery they will own, and they want it to last a lifetime of everyday wear.  The classic plain band is the most practical choice as it can usually be easily resized up or down if your finger size or shape alters over time and it doesn’t have detail or settings that can be worn away or damaged.  You can still personalise your choice, starting by selecting the width and depth of ring that suits you.  There are a variety of profiles available including traditional D-shaped, comfortable court, flat or concave and a polished or modern brushed finish can be applied depending on your preference.  It often surprises people how much choice there is for a plain wedding band!


A pattern can add beautiful detail to make your ring stand out and there are hundreds of designs to choose from, both traditional and modern, striking or subtle.  A diamond cut design can add sparkle without the need for diamonds; this is especially popular with people who can’t wear a stone-set ring to work.  Bear in mind that a pattern will wear over time, although it may be possible to reapply it later, and if you need your ring resizing in the future it can be difficult to seamlessly match the design.


Many brides now choose to have a wedding ring set with diamonds which adds stunning complementary sparkle to their engagement rings.  However, this increases the maintenance required in the future and limits the amount of resizing that will be possible, meaning that if your finger size or shape were to alter by more than a couple of sizes over your lifetime you may need to have your ring remounted.  Additionally, over time the settings become worn meaning stones are more easily dislodged.  Ultimately the setting can wear out completely and the ring need replacing.  If you want the ring you get married in to last a lifetime then a diamond set band may not be the practical choice and we feel it is important to be aware of these things at the time of purchase rather than having to deal with them unexpectedly later. 

Our showroom team have decades of experience between them and know wedding rings inside out.  We are always happy to talk you through the range of options available and answer your questions in a relaxed environment with no pressure.  There is no need to book an appointment, but it is helpful to give yourself plenty of time, especially if you are not sure what you would like!  You can view some of our plain or diamond-set wedding rings on our website, but due to the wide range of designs and options available this is just a fraction of what can be viewed in our showroom.

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