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  • Selling, part-exchange, remodelling.

Selling, part-exchange, remodelling.

Selling, part-exchange, remodelling.

Many of us accumulate pieces of jewellery over the years; gifts from birthdays, family heirlooms, holiday souvenirs.  When having a clear out it is not unusual to discover odd earrings, broken chains or pieces you no longer wear hiding in the bottom of your jewellery box.  Although these may seem like ‘rubbish’ you may be surprised to learn how much they are worth, so it is always worth checking with a jeweller before throwing them away.

Even broken bits of silver, gold, platinum or palladium will have some value, and if you are not sure what your jewellery is made from then have it checked anyway; our customers are often pleasantly surprised.

There are several things you can do with your jewellery depending on what it is and what your preferences are…


We can often re-use your precious metal or gemstones, making them into a new piece of jewellery, an option that is especially popular with those who have inherited jewellery or have sentimental pieces that have worn out over time.  This could mean setting a treasured diamond into a new mount or melting some family gold to create a wedding band with a personal touch.  Our jewellers can advise you on what is possible and work with you on design ideas.  In addition to being a fantastic way of maintaining the sentiment this can often save you money when compared to the cost of buying a similar piece (the exception to this is silver, where the cost of hand-making often outweighs any savings on the materials).

Part exchange

Sometimes you might want a new watch or a piece of jewellery that can’t be made using your existing materials.  In this instance you might choose to part exchange your old jewellery or watch against the cost of the new.  You will normally receive a higher offer for the items you are selling if you do this so if you are thinking of buying something it is definitely worth considering.  Even if you are not sure what you want yet, we can put your part exchange value on a gift card to spend with us later.

Sell for cash

If you aren’t looking for anything new, then you can still sell your unwanted jewellery for cash.  You may be surprised by how much your jewellery is worth and this option gives you the chance to turn items you no longer use, or pieces that have become worn out or broken, into cash to treat yourself (or a friend!), pay a bill or save for the future.  We may pay more for pieces we feel we can re-sell as second-hand items, although considerations such as condition and style will be important. 

Other ways of selling

Sometimes you may have a designer item or a beautiful antique that is too worn for us to re-sell.  In these circumstances we may advise an alternative such as a private sale or an auction as the best way to proceed. 


You don’t need an appointment to enquire about selling, part-exchanging or remodelling your jewellery; we are always happy to look at your pieces.  In most cases we can offer immediate advice, and should you choose to sell, immediate payment. 

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