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  • Peridot: August's birthstone

Peridot: August's birthstone

Peridot: August's birthstone

Perfect for summer with its bright citrus tones peridot is, appropriately, the birthstone for August.  So why not add a splash of colour to your holiday wardrobe with this gorgeous gemstone?

Unlike many other gemstones that come in a wide range of colours, peridot is always green, usually with a slightly yellowish-green hue.  This is because peridot receives its colour from the presence of iron in its composition, which is an essential ingredient in its makeup.  

Peridot is a little softer than many other popular gemstones, and so it requires a little more care.  An attractive stone for colourful pendants and earrings, it is also great for dress rings that won't be worn every single day.  Its stunning coluor means it definitely catches the eye in such pieces!

One of the more remarkable sources for peridot is in meteorites; in rare cases this really is a gemstone from outer space!  More regular sources for peridot are China, Pakistan, and Arizona in the USA.  

Peridot is a beautiful gemstone, loved by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and right up to the present day.  To view a selection of a our peridot jewellery click here.  We have plenty more to see in our showroom too.

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