• Perfect Partners: Bespoke wedding bands made to match

Perfect Partners: Bespoke wedding bands made to match

Perfect Partners: Bespoke wedding bands made to match

Congratulations!  You’ve found ‘the one’ and are ready to say, “I do”.  There are many things to organise ahead of the big day, but one of the most important is your wedding rings.  It isn’t just you gaining a partner for life; your engagement ring is too!  For many brides finding the perfect match for their engagement ring is the key factor when selecting a wedding band.  How straightforward that is will vary, but we are here to help you find ‘the one’.

A useful starting point for matching a wedding band to your engagement ring is to consider the shape.  Many modern engagement rings are designed to allow a wedding band to sit neatly alongside them, which is helpful as it means most standard rings will fit perfectly and you simply need to choose the style.  However, some cluster or twist designs or more traditional settings may require a shaped or bespoke band to ensure a close fit.  An ‘off-the-peg’ shaped band may do the job well, but if you can’t find just the right thing then a bespoke ring may be the way to go. 


Our onsite workshop can hand-make a band to follow the contours and profile of your engagement ring.  This may be plain, patterned or set with diamonds to add some extra sparkle.  We start by making the ring in silver, so you can try the shape and make adjustments.  Once you’re happy the ring is cast in the correct precious metal to match your engagement ring.  A further fitting before any diamonds or special finishes are added ensures the size and shape will be spot on.  It is important that you have the opportunity to try the ring at appropriate stages in the process so we can be sure it meets your requirements and fits perfectly.  


If you don’t need a bespoke shape, you can still make design choices that allow your rings to complement each other as perfect partners.  This might be ensuring the width and profile are the same or matching a patterned design.  Paying attention to the detail can elevate the look of your rings so that they look made to be together.  We stock a range of profiles and depths for each plain wedding band style.  This means you can choose the one that best matches the curve or depth of the band on your engagement ring, creating a neat look on the finger.  If your engagement ring has a brushed or hammered finish we can apply a similar texture to your wedding band, or add a beaded edge or engraved pattern that picks up on details your engagement ring may feature. 

If your engagement ring has diamonds in the band, then matching the shape, size and quality and choosing the same setting style can create a match that looks made as a set.  We stock a wide range of diamond set bands that give you a huge amount of flexibility to pick the appropriate width, diamond size and setting.  A key detail when matching diamond bands is ensuring the diamonds cover the same proportion of the ring: many of our diamond bands may be adapted if this is not the case as standard.  


If you need help finding ‘the one’ for your engagement ring or aren’t sure where to start, then we can help, with hundreds of styles to choose from and our workshop ready to help with your bespoke requirements.  There’s no need to book an appointment, just visit our showroom where our experienced jewellers will talk you through your options.

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